How To Present Yourself In An Interview

Congratulations! You have polished your CV and you have been short-listed for an interview. The interview is surely the most important part of the job application process. As they say; “First impression lasts”.

So, you have been given the chance to show to them why you are the best candidate for the job. This is also the time wherein you can showcase your credentials and how these will help them and the company. But most importantly, it is your time to show them who you really are.

After thorough research, we have come up with 5 simple steps on how to ace your job interview;

1. Make Sure You Are Well-Groomed

No, don’t get me wrong please. Just remember that deciding what to wear, shaving, and having a clean hairstyle will always make a statement. Because as they say; “People who are well-groomed will give us a message of being capable and having it together. Whether or not that’s true.”

2. Sit Straight And Make Sure To Keep An Eye Contact

It is always good to know that you are listening and that you’re attentive. Once you keep an eye contact, your interviewer would assume that you’re interested to what they’re talking about. And if you sit straight, it shows respect to your employer.

3. Introduce Yourself Effectively

When I am interviewed, I always dread the question: Tell Me About Yourself. Simply because, I wouldn’t want to sound like I’m bragging nor would I want myself to sound unworthy. So, make sure you’re geared up with an efficient answer to this question. You can always ask a good friend of yours to listen to your answer before entering the interview so you’re not flustered at all.

4. Don’t Repeat The Phrases From Your CV

Of course, they wouldn’t be asking you to visit their office just for you to read what was stated on your CV. Because if so, they would have just read everything and would have not invited you. So, you might just want to explain more about the information stated on your CV.

5. Just Be Yourself

It is always better to have an honest applicant rather than someone who lies about everything. This is very basic but, very important.

Always bear in mind that the tips we give you are just friendly reminders. It is still better to be yourself but, be professional. Most importantly, make sure you pay attention to what your employer is telling you. So go now, update your CV, upload it, and ace your job interview. I know you can do it!