Start the New Year with an updated C.V.

When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, people are usually defining changes that will make their year more successful than ever. Because apart from the parties, the food, the drinks, and etc., the one great thing about the New Year is to make a fresh start. And, why not begin with the most fundamental thing that you can – your Curriculum Vitae.

For those looking to boost their career prospects for the New Year, the preparation for a career change is usually long. But, don’t worry. It might take time but, it will surely be worth the effort. Whether you’re thinking about shifting to a different profession, a new promotion, or just wanting to move to a different company, updating your CV will propel your transition to a new level of success.

To be more successful in whatever field of endeavour you’re planning to take, follow the 5 steps below to make sure your CV is ready to get the career you really want for the New Year.

1. Read The Job Description

You need to make sure that you have tailored your CV to a specific job. You wouldn’t want to be presenting your CV full of achievements but, irrelevant to the job, right?

2. Your Cover Letter Should Stand Out!

Let’s be honest. A lot of employers won’t take into consideration reading your CV if they don’t like what is on your cover letter. Shrug things up and you need to make sure that your cover letter will make your employer look at your resume. Be creative and ace it!


Yes, we will look at your resume. But, oops! We will see grammatical errors. Everyone commits mistakes but, you can always reread it after updating. Or, let someone read it too. Okay?

4. Showcase All Your Achievements

No, this is not bragging. This is only an evidence of how good you are and what ideas have you created. But please, don’t sugar-coat it. Just be honest.

5. You Need To Keep It Simple.

You might be the most outstanding employer of the decade and you have a lot of achievements but please, keep your CV simple. The content should be easy to read and you just need to include some key information about you and the jobs you have had.

I hope with the tips that we have given you, you can ace your job interview. Go on, seize the opportunity given to you and don’t forget to follow our tips so you can kick off your New Year job hunt, with us.